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Let Kona Veterinary Service of Kailua Kona, HI assist you in bringing your pet into Hawaii. The process of importing an animal into the state of Hawaii can be an arduous, time consuming process. Our doctors can give you all the information to prepare for landing, and then inspect your animal in Kona Airport to insure a quick passage onto the island.

Kona Veterinary Service is an approved contractor for direct animal release in Kona. Direct release is limited to dogs and cats and the pet must originate from the continental US, not a foreign country. Also, the flight carrying the animal must be direct from the mainland to Kona.

You don't want to delay your vacation or move. Call us today with all of you questions, and we'll get you on your way quickly.

Our Importing Pets Service Include:

  • Quickly get your pet into the state
  • Rabies blood work
  • Authorization for entrance into Hawaii
  • In-airport inspections 

Information about Direct Release in Hawaii:

As a pet owner, it is imperative to read all the information provided before calling. It saves you, and us, a lot of time in what can be a confusing process.

Please read the Direct Release FAQs.

In order to qualify, the owners must follow these procedures:

1. All dogs and cats must be pre-approved to arrive in Kona by the Department of Agriculture in Honolulu. They must pre-qualify their pet and comply with all of the requirements under the 5 day-or-less direct airport release program.

2. Pet owners must pre-arrange with Kona Veterinary Service (KVS) for inspection of their animal. KVS shall be provided with proposed date, time and airline. KVS will determine if the arrival time will be approved.

3. All fees must be paid prior to arrival. The standard fee to the department of agriculture should be paid as well as a separate fee to Kona Veterinary Service.

Fee Structure

Days of the Week Time Fee
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7am - 7pm $150 for first animal, $50 for each additional
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday After 7pm $250 for first animal, $100 for each additional
Saturday and Sunday Anytime $250 for first animal, $100 for each additional
Private Jets Anytime $250 for first animal, $100 for each additional

NOTE: We are NOT available for direct release on Fridays.

4. A valid Neighbor Island Inspection Permit is issued to the pet owner by the Department of Agriculture and must accompany any animal entering Kona. To obtain the permit, owners must complete the above requirements and apply to the Department of Agriculture more than 30 days before transport.

Click here for more information and for the required forms.

Contact Kona Veterinary Service today at 808-325-6637 to schedule your appointment, or browse our website for more information about veterinary services or animal hospital and specialty procedures.

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